Dental Exams

We recommend annual dental exams to help monitor your pet's oral health as they age, and can perform dental checks at any point throughout the year if concerns arise. We are here to help keep your pets’ dental health in tip-top shape.

Dental cleanings and extractions are performed under general anesthetic and monitored closely by a veterinary technician to ensure that your pet is comfortable throughout the entire procedure. People may be able to sit still for an hour during a dental cleaning, but we couldn't ask our pets to do that! Full mouth x-rays are taken at each cleaning to ensure we can determine the health of all parts of your pets' teeth - including the roots!


Plaque and calculus build-up on your pets’ teeth can lead to further dental health problems. Our scaling services will remove all plaque and calculus by professionally scraping your pets’ teeth clean.

Gingival Care

Build-up can occur under the gums causing inflammation and irritation for your pets. We can remove subgingival calculus and other build-up, to ensure your pets have healthy gum tissue.


Over time, your furry friend’s teeth need to be cleaned and polished just like ours do to maintain dental health. After a cleaning, our polishing services will have your pet’s teeth sparkling in no time.


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