Indoor Enrichment for Pets in the Winter

Check out these fun ideas for indoor activities for your pets.

Written by Pets First with Fairfield Animal Hospital

In the winter, families tend to spend a little more time indoors, away from the cold – but what does this mean for our furry friends?

Bored pets can get into some serious mischief, especially dogs who are used to being outdoors and getting a lot of exercise! By playing with our pets and engaging them in mental exercise, we can decrease the likelihood of destructive habits like chewing, scratching, and barking.

Keeping your dog entertained indoors can be a challenge, so check out these fun ideas for indoor activities:

Stuff a toy with treats

A simple and effective way to keep your dog busy indoors is to put treats inside a toy for them to get out! For dogs, try stuffing a Kong or similar toy with wet dog food or treats.

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